A Conversation That Happens Alot

A conversation happens all the time like this between the “Manager” and whoever the poor sucker is he has picked out this time!!

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A Sample of a day in the life…A Travel Club Switch!!


Blue Water Travel Club

Same Old Song And Dance!!Here is a perfect example of travel clubs perform the same regardless of state or province and they continually change names but with the same people running it.

I found the following on another blog….give it a quick read.

“Daryl Turner In Hot Water over Blue Water

Jennifer Husko ( jhusko@nbc40.net ) of NBC40, is on the warpath. Her investigative reporting on Daryl T. Turner (the suspected con artist); has resulted in the new office he opened in Egg Harbor, NJ being under attack. The residents are determined to shut it down. Here is part of her 3/12/2010 article below:

“Linwood resident Nancy Orlando, said when she attended Blue Water’s 90-minute presentation in exchange for receiving a free cruise about a week ago, 20 to 30 people filled the room. “You sit through the 90 minute presentation they put you in recliners, give you snacks…it kind of softens you up and then they tell you about crazy vacation prices you can get…they quoted one after the other, after the other. Everyone was like, wow! They would go around the room…how much do you think this is worth, how much do you think this is worth and of course it was nowhere near the price they were offering they said if you joined the club you would get these prices,” explained Nancy Orlando.”

We will continue to follow Jennifer’s story:

Anyone who believes they may have been scammed by Blue Water or any of Turner’s other vacation club companies ( MODERN DESTINATIONS UNLIMITED, FIVE POINTS TAVEL, DREAMWORKS VACATION, BENTLEY TRAVEL and LA BONNE VIE TRAVEL) is asked to file a complaint with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

For more information call 1-800 242-5846, or Consumers can also file complaints on its website at:

You can also call the Atlantic County Division of Consumer Affairs at (609) 345-6700 ext. 2477.”

Kinda reminds you of the same business practices by Travel Clubs in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta!!

More Comparisons…..You Don’t Need A Travel Club!!

Save It...No Membership Fees!!Everyone wants to get out of town now and go golfing or somewhere hot to hit the beach, maybe even do a little skiing. Here is a perfect example of why you don’t need to join a Travel Club or a Timeshare to do it!! This just takes a little bit of time on google to accomplish this. I found this travel club in Alberta offering condos and so here is what they offer it for and this is what you can do on your own and you don’t have to PAY A TRAVEL CLUB $6000.00!!

Marina Fiesta Resort – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico





So in a bigger unit for $74.00 less…..without a BIG UPFRONT FEE LIKE A TRAVEL CLUB OR TIMESHARE.

Here is another one in a 1 bedroom February 26/2011




Let’s do one more just for fun!!

December 12/2010 is the check in date




So for $100.00 more you get a bigger unit and you didn’t have to pay BIG UPFRONT FEES see this post to be reminded about that:https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/big-upfront-membership-fees/

Now you can say well you know where to find the places to do this I don’t…..well you do now because your here check out these links for posts that help you with that: https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/links-to-free-or-super-cheap-travel-sites/

and here


So it’s plain to see….SAVE YOUR MONEY you don’t need to join any Travel Club or Timeshare to save money on vacations.


Big Upfront Membership Fees!!

This Is The Goal..All They Can Get!!

The weekend is here and its big business time in the world of Travel Clubs and Timeshare. They do three shows a day on Saturday and Sunday, the calypso music is pumping and the laughter is flowing…..and so is your cash. There is no such thing as a free dinner(coupon for select entree) and a “gift”

ATTENTION…..THEY ARE GOING TO ASK YOU FOR BETWEEN $3000 and $10,000.00 dollars upfront or show you a “COMFORTABLE” FINANCE OPTION along with $250.00 to $500.00 in “YEARLY MEMBERSHIP DUES”

They will promise you the world in vacation savings especially on “CONDOS” and show you comparisons all day long about the amazing savings you will enjoy. But still you will doubt so they will look at the survey sheet you filled out with them. On it will be your next vacation and they will say to you ” What if I could show you significant savings on this holiday would you join then” when you acknowledge the potential for that they will then disappear to the “Travel Agencies Office” talk to the sales manager tell them the deal and then BUY DOWN THE VACATION WITH THE MEMBERSHIP FEE MONEY YOU ARE ABOUT TO PAY TO BE A MEMBER WITH THEM!!
That’s right you get to pay for your own “DEAL” then you join and take that vacation and it’s great but everyone after that the savings are never the same and basically unsatisfactory. But by then it’s to late you are outside your cancellation period and can’t get your money back….PERIOD!!

Think about it if travel clubs and timeshares were so great how come when you google them there are so many websites about negative experiences??

It’s one thing to be a part of some last minute club for a couple of hundred dollars….it’s pretty easy to get your money back. But if they are asking for thousands….WALK AWAY….you can thank me later!!

It’s up to you what you do but be informed with THE TRAVEL CLUB TRUTH!!

The Five W’s Of Travel Club Truth

Questions To be Asked!!

It doesn’t matter what province or state you are in. You get the phone call take the bait/gift/dinner and go to the presentation which plays out like it does in this link :https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/10/

They ask you to keep all your questions to the end to not interrupt the presentation so it goes more quickly “After All You Don’t Want To Be Here All Night” so you comply with that request. Well when you get to the end of that presentation and they turn back to you and say “Isn’t It Great? Do you have any questions?” Here is what you should ask them:


– As in who are you? What are your affiliations to get these great condos? Is it C.A.R.E…..ask them if their inventory is all four and five-star and who regulates and inspects the quality of the inventory? What are the Requirements to be a part of C.A.R.E? Members of the BBB in your area? If I call the government agency overseeing travel clubs what will they say? Have you been associated with any other travel clubs in the past…..WHO are they? Who is the management team in charge of the Travel Club?

This Brings us to!!


– As in WHAT was the name of the Travel Club they operated previously? WHAT would I find about Travel Clubs on the internet in this area and would existing management have any connection to these previous Travel Clubs?

Followed By!!


– As in WHERE were the previous Travel Clubs located? Where did the existing Travel Club management work before? These people didn’t just show up from other industries in Travel Club Management they all worked for one before. How else do you explain the are operating one…..just lucky?

On To!


– As in when did they work at the previous Travel Club and for how long and why is it no longer in business? WHEN was this new Travel Club started? If it’s the biggest of its kind (as they usually profess) But the name of the Travel Club is new (you can find this out from government corporate registries) this is usually an ALARM BELL!!



– As in WHY did the Travel Club change it’s name?  WHY did the previous Travel Club that “Management” worked for fail. WHY  were they allowed to operate this Travel Club when the last one ended in disaster?

All great questions that you should ask the manager/closer at the end. It would be interesting to hear the response. Above all this should be enough for you to tell them “I”ll Think About it” and then walk out when you get home and get on the internet and run into a few postings like this one: https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/what-you-need-to-know/

You will be happy you have THE TRAVEL CLUB TRUTH!!

Primo Vacation Travel Club…Look Before You Leap

It's a Shark Tank...Beware!!

Here is another Travel Club to be wary of. Always do your due diligence maybe it is for real but anytime you get on the internet and do a search on a company if the first half a dozen pages come back with “free” press release articles you have to be cautious. That is the same kind of thing people experienced in Alberta with Travel Clubs their doing their own “self promotion” as a reference checkout these prior posts: https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/10/



If any of this is ringing true for the Travel Club your thinking about joining….run. Alot of what you seek in the way of savings on your future vacations/travel can be found under out helpful travel links section on the left hand side of your screen. NO BIG UPFRONT FEES are necessary to save money and if all you’re seeing online about a company are numerous free press releases then take the buyer beware approach it’s a feeble attempt to give themselves credibility.

Those Travel Clubs that have something to hide don’t want you seeing any of what you see on this blog.  NEWS FLASH for them it’s all a matter of public record anyways a blog basically has collected this information under one roof so as a consumer it makes it alot easier to find out what you need to know about joining a Travel Club, read this link:https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/what-you-need-to-know/

Send this blog to everyone you know so they can be forewarned as well and then all of us will have.


New Travel Club Name Same Bad News!!


Keep in mind when you go to that Travel Club presentation that there is a good chance it’s the same Travel Club under a different name. A good way to get to the bottom of it is ask them when the name was incorporated and who were they called before. Ask them how long they have been operating the Travel Club. Ask them if they have taken over from another Travel Club. If they have just started then how is it they have so many members and a video of these members talking about their success with the program or books of “testimonials”.

Take this example in Alberta a Travel Club “Wild Rose Vacations” has been investigated at least 3 separate times by Service Alberta, see the following link: http://alberta.ca/acn/201005/28429D0F079FC-A56E-3B7F-8FBF0E04436C0003.html

It talks about them having to cease operations in 2006 until they obtained a travel club license.

In 2008 they are issued another Director’s Order for not issuing refunds within the legislations 15 day requirement.

Then in 2010 the are charged with 17 counts under the Fair Trade Practices Act because of their business practices.

Which I guess explains why they have this rating from the BBB in Edmonton: http://www.bbb.org/calgary/business-reviews/vacation-time-share-companies/wild-rose-vacations-in-calgary-ab-59105

So then it is announced that they have been bought by a company called The Real Canadian Travel Store but they are keeping the existing management in place who are responsible for the history of that travel club. It may also be known as Advantage BonaVista Travel of Canadian Family Travel or Save On Smart Travel the only thing different is the name people the business practices or lack there of is the SAME.

Check this post as an example of the path travel clubs take : https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/follow-the-path-of-deceit-coincidence-i-doubt-it/

Get the facts before joining and remember you have a 10 day cancellation period if you do join.


The Most Popular Phone Number…….

Here's A Head Scratcher For You!!

In the Travel Club business….at least in the Travel Club business in Alberta anyway!!

No less than 5 “Travel Clubs” the Toll Free contact number of  1-877-420-0063 is used by :

Wild Rose Vacations

Real Canadian Travel Store (Oh that’s right they “BOUGHT” Wild Rose Vacations)

BonaVista Travel and Cruise ( This is a funny one because the “Co-Owner” claims to just be a supplier for Wild Rose Vacations)  see link: http://www2.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/cityplus/story.html?id=0619011c-3452-4715-9916-6c97b3fdc298 if he is a “CO-OWNER OF A SUPPLIER” why is he sharing a phone number?

Advantage BonaVista Travel ( Which uses a Real Canadian Travel Store email address as a contact for a job posting) I’M SURE THIS LINK WILL GET DELETED BUT HERE IT IS FOR NOW: http://www.wowjobs.ca/jobs-advantage+bonavista+travel+division+of+1204583+alberta-jobs

Save On Smart Travel ( I struggle to see what is smart about traveling with the SAME TRAVEL CLUB but a different name)

So if the Travel Club is so legit why are 5 different names associated with the same travel clubs phone number??!!

Anyone want to bet that this situation will change over the next little while?

Hey maybe they are Timesharing the phone number….you think??



You need to protect yourself and stand up for your rights. You need to call on your provincial government specifically in ALBERTA to put an end to the weak legislation governing travel clubs. There have been numerous ones over the years but one “collection” of travel clubs has been quarterbacked by the same “MANAGER” and he always has a SUPPORTING CAST!!

See this link : https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/category/helpful-travel-links/a-path-of-deceit/

It is a wordy post but maps out what he has done over the years!!

This has what has taken place over the years with this guy and his supporting cast….he doesn’t start these Travel Clubs to provide a great service and earn a fair living if that was the case he would still be on his first travel club. Instead he starts the first one in British Columbia they shut him down because of the lies and deceit coupled with poor service and change the legislation so that it CAN NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IN THAT PROVINCE!! So he moves to Alberta starts one again and again is exposed for the poor service in British Columbia which he brought with him.  Soon the complaints come in and then they are “BOUGHT” by another company SNOWBIRD VACATIONS/INTRAVELnet (NOW FORUM NATIONAL INVESTMENTS) which is really just the supporting cast. He only buys it so they can show cash flow on a stock and make a fast buck so to cut costs he changes the operation and farms out the travel to a third party. 

Meanwhile the “MANAGER” moves on to Ontario does the same thing with FAMILY VACATION CENTERS  ultimately the supporting cast comes in and “BUYS” that one too!! Plays the cash flow for stock advantage game again farms out the travel services which is again NOT  what people signed up for.

But who cares it’s just people and there hard earned money right?

Now after the “MANAGER” get’s finished with Ontario he moves back to Edmonton and starts it all again with WILD ROSE VACATIONS/BONAVISTA TRAVEL & CRUISE and can you believe it they experience the same complaints that the other travel clubs did. so when the complaints hit their peak he decides it’s time to sell but he comes up with a new SUPPORTING CAST just as he did for ownership of this Travel Club.

I’m wondering what kind of future Advantage BonaVista Travel, The Real Canadian Travel Store and Canadian Family Travel and the consumer that joins them has in store. Why would it be different after all they have left “THE SAME MANAGEMENT TEAM IN PLACE”

Click on this following link, this is what you have in store for you at your “PRESENTATION”  https://travelclubtruth.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/10/

Now these two links show you where you can go to get the savings for free or close to it….just remember to do your due diligence:



Now there have been other travel clubs that have done some version of this like Royal Club Resorts, Royal Club International, Chateau World, Grand Getaway Vacation, Premier Holiday Travel Club, Infiniti Vacations and GSI travel club and all have ended up the same way because of their greed.

But this particular “Manager” and his “Management” team are the true pioneers of Travel Clubs and the bad name they have now….what a legacy!!

So I’m calling all citizens that have been wronged in any way including losing money to these travel clubs to call on the provincial government…..actually to DEMAND change. DEMAND tighter travel club regulations because if we don’t….how can we expect it to get better??

Now You Know The Travel Club Truth!!

Your Right To Cancel That Travel Club Membership!!

It's Not To Late...You Can Cancel!!

You have rights and after the presentation as you walk out with the binder they gave you and you go home and the next day wonder what did you just do don’t worry you do have consumer laws that protect you!!

It varies from state to state and province to province but here is what it is in 3 provinces in Canada.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: The Travel Club membership can not be longer than 2 years and you do have 10 days to cancel.

If the Travel Club was not properly  licensed or did not deliver all that was promised you have up to a year to cancel.

ONTARIO: You have the same 10 day cancellation period as well as up to 1 year if the Travel Club was not properly  licensed or did not deliver all that was promised.

ALBERTA: Here is a link to the Service Alberta section that talks about this:


I’m going to show a portion here that is especially significant :

“Do you have enough information to make an informed decision? You may want to take the time to compare travel options and discounts offered by travel agents, airlines and hotels. Does a membership give you greater benefits and/or discounts than what you may get through another source?


Don’t be rushed into making a decision. Reputable businesses will give you time to make a decision, and to answer any questions you may have.”



“A travel club contract is the agreement under which you purchase a membership in a travel club from a travel club operator. The contract cannot be longer than a term of five years.
A travel club contract must be in writing and include the following information:
• Your name and address
• The travel club operator’s name, business address, telephone number, and if available a fax number and e-mail address
• The name of the salesperson employed by the travel club operator who solicited, negotiated, concluded or performed the travel club contract

• The date and place at which the contract was entered into

• A description of the goods, services, discounts or any other benefits to be provided under the contract

• The total amount to be paid by you in the contract including any ongoing fees”


“You have 10 days from either the date the contract was entered into or the date you received a copy of the signed contract in which to cancel the agreement. You do not need a reason to cancel the contract. You can cancel by any method but you must be able to prove that you cancelled the agreement. Cancellation methods may include personal service, registered mail, courier or fax. Keep a copy of your cancellation notice in case you need to verify that you cancelled the transaction.

Additional cancellation rights 
• the business was not licensed when the contract was signed
• the contract did not contain the required information
• you did not receive a signed copy of the contract within the required time frame; or
• the contract was not signed by both you and the business.
In addition, you may cancel the contract at any time if the goods or services to be delivered under the contract were not provided because the business ceased operation or substantially changed its operation. If you cancel your contract for these reasons, your cancellation notice must include your reason for cancellation.

So if the company goes out of business which would include it changing names you have the right to cancel the agreement.

You may also be able to cancel the contract up to one year from the date the agreement was signed if




You must give or send the cancellation notice to the travel club operator at the address on the contract. If you did not receive a copy of the contract with an address, or you do not know or are unable to locate an address for the travel club operator (or salesperson), you may send your cancellation notice to the:

Director of Fair Trading Service Alberta3C, Commerce Place10155 – 102 StreetEdmonton, AB T5J 4L4
 Your provincial Government website should have the information that governs these travel clubs as well as the BBB for your city. They will try to sweet talk you with extra incentives when you cancel or they will discount the Travel Club membership Fee…which is a good one. kinda makes you wonder why they didn’t give you that discounted price to begin with!!
Ask the sales person and more specificaly the Manger/Closer if they have ever worked for any other travel clubs ie: Family Passport, Snowbird Vacations, Family Vacation Centers, Wild Rose Vacations or BonaVista Travel And Cruise? See what they say tell them there is a rumour going around that the management use to be at these other ones too……how is that??