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Shut down in BC open in alberta with the same deceit, the same bad service the same bad management.

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Remo’s Ruins


Should Be Remo's Last Name!!

He’s run out of Provinces in Canada so he’s on to Mexico!!

Welcome To……

Club De Viajes Amigos Y Familia is the name of the newest one!!

Translation: Travel Club Friends and Family wow he’s really mixing those names up check out this link  at the bottom one of the many DBA names take a look yep it’s completely different Friends and Family Travel Partners.

Same server as Real Canadian Travel Store and same format with the website. But if you can find Nemo I mean Remo he will tell you that he had no association with them just like he says he had no association with Family Vacation Centers / Snowbird Vacations LINK


In case the post disappears here it is!!

52. Re: Wild Rose Vacations – Bonivista Travel
May 08, 2010, 3:50 PM

Bonavista Travel is an IATA designated agency that has been proudly serving Albertans since 1974.

 Our domain was registered in 1997. Before 1997 the internet had not become a primary tool for businesses.

 Bonavista Travel proudly services members of Wildrose Vacations, and combines member testimonials from both companies to display on both websites.

 The member testimonials accurately reflect our travel agency that provides those services.From a business standpoint, it only makes sense.

 Bonavista Travel and Cruise has absolutely no association with Family Vacation Centers and /or Snowbird vacations.

Bonavista Travel has over fifty hard working employees, who consistently do their very best, for every customer, every single day. They do this to ensure they book the best holiday while helping them pay the least amount possible. Guaranteed in writing.

 Wildrose Vacations has toured over 30000 people in Alberta and to have only a dozen complaints is a testament to the quality of staff and service we provide. As can be seen by the hundreds of testimonial you will find on our websites.

 We are available Monday – Friday between 9 am and 9 pm to every person that is a

 Member or has toured our offices that might have a question or concern. We do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction as our clients. Whether you own a timeshare or other product in the travel business and need help using, renting or selling it, one of us can help you. No charge. No obligation

 We will continue to improve our products and services for our customers and welcome any input.

Remo Lorenzetto co-owner Bonavista Travel and Cruise

 Yet he held stock in FVC and ask the multitude of ex employees how “Involved” he was.

Reminds me of this warning I gave when you are looking at a Trave Club

Ask them where they originate from were they ever affiliated with Travel Clubs in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia with names like Family Vacation Centers, Snowbird Vacations, Family Passport, Platinum Passport, Lifestyle Leisure Services, Wild Rose Vacations, Friends and Family Travel Partners, Save On Smart Travel, Bona Vista Travel, Boulevard Travel, Advantage Bonavista Travel & Cruise. If he’s been in business 20 years that’s a new name every 2 years. So if your reading this and your from the United States or Canada and you run into a travel club based in

Guadalajara, Mexico called Club De Viajes Amigos Y Familia

Run it’s another one in a long list of travel clubs  that have a common theme Remo Lorenzetto is the architect of it and sooner or later as an employee, customer or potential investor you will feel the sting of deceit. You will hear empty promises and see unrealized potential. Travel Clubs with him don’t work he just wants the cash.

He left his partner in British Columbia hanging, he put everything in Alberta his first time around in someone else’s name and ruined them financially. Went to Ontario and left people hanging their too. Round 2 in Alberta he brings in someone else to be “Owner” and leaves them to do all the clean up and now he is in Mexico they got his kind of law….nice and casual.

Everything he touches he ultimately ruins!!

A truly great legacy to his children I’m sure they will be very proud!!

Taken Advantage Of?? Let Others Know!!

Make A Difference!!It’s never a great feeling when it happens which is why this blog was created. To do something to make sure it doesn’t happen to others.

There are a range of emotions involved from anger to embarrassment. This is an opportunity to share your story anonymously if you wish to warn others and as the saying goes there is “strength in numbers”.

Comment and share your story it will help others avoid the same problem and put an end to people who time and again have proven they can’t run a business putting the best interest of their customer first. If I’m wrong fine but how do you explain numerous Company name changes and the same people running it?

Be a voice of change and make a difference, as a consumer it is our right to provide information to help others make the right decision for themselves and save their hard earned money!!

Travel Club Truth!!

Travel Club Wolf In Sheeps Clothing!!

Beware Wolf In Sheeps Clothing!!Here is another ad hiring for this particular Travel Club with it’s newest name change. It’s fine that a company hires new people what is odd is the contact name is the same again as the one for Travel Club Rep’s and yet he says he only provides travel agency support but has no other affiliation, see link: I wonder how many other Travel Clubs he HASN”T been affiliated with and only HELPED. If he stopped “HELPING” maybe there wouldn’t be such poor service, numerous member complaints and then the name change that follows closely behind with a new “OWNER” here is a link to the job ad and the actual ad below it…note the contact name….then run!!

Job Advertisement

Job Number: 5451044

Title: Membership sales representative (Travel Club) (NOC: 6411)

Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full Time, Weekend, Day, Evening

Salary: To be negotiated, Bonus, Commission, Other Benefits

Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible

Location: Red Deer, Alberta (3 vacancies )

Skill Requirements:

Education: Completion of high school
Credentials (certificates, licences, memberships, courses, etc.): Not required
Experience: No experience
Languages: Speak English, Read English, Write English
Type of Customers: Consumers

Employer: Real Canadian Travel Store

How to Apply:

Please apply for this job only in the manner specified by the employer. Failure to do so may result in your application not being properly considered for the position.
Contact Name: Remo

Business Profile: Travel Service. Membership Based. Discounted accommodation packages and travel opportunities.

Web Site:

Advertised until: 2011/01/05

I also found this ad on Kijijji.  Apparently, a Wildrose Member is trying to sell their membership to the RCTS now.  Here is the link for this ad:

There are numerous reasons a person sells but you can expect to see more of these for people who want out of the nightmare and if you don’t want to get the same discounts for free like on this post:

and here:

Then buy of the secondary market you will get Travel Club And Timeshare programs far cheaper. Just ask yourself why is it so cheap? Why are they selling? Make sure it’s not because it doesn’t work because most of the time …THAT’S THE REASON!!



Beware the “Free Trip”

No Such Thing!!Here is a post I found which is great information to share. You can run into this via telemarketing being pitched as a “discounted” trip or used to tempt you into attending a travel club/timeshare presentation.

Read and Beware!!

Free trip or money grab? Don’t be taken by prize vacation scams.

You pick up the phone or open a letter or email only to find out you’ve won a trip for two to Tahiti. Too good to be true? Most likely, yes — especially if you don’t actually remember entering a contest.

Everywhere we look scammers are stalking, particularly in these tough economic times when people are looking for ways to save money. And a recession means many of us are facing a reduced or non-existent travel budget — so a free trip may sound like good news indeed.

Only it might not be free at all — instead this ‘prize’ could end up costing you hundreds of dollars.
According to experts, the scam can work in a number of ways:

— To be eligible for the free trip, you need to pay a fee, sometimes several hundred dollars, to join a travel club that would fund your complimentary vacation. If it still seems like a bargain — to pay $200 or $300 for a vacation worth a few thousand dollars — think again. Chances are you’ll never get the vacation or even a ‘membership card’. Or you may receive a travel package outlining your vacation, but with such heavy restrictions, the trip is no longer desirable.

— You’re asked to pay an additional handling charge to actually book the vacation, but after paying the fee, you discover the travel dates you prefer are never available.

— The prize is actually a substandard vacation and you need to pay a ‘small’ fee to upgrade. Or you’ll be asked to pick up certain trip expenses upfront (such as port fees for a cruise), but again, there is no actual trip.

— In order to receive your airline tickets and travel vouchers, you’re asked to pay an upfront delivery fee. (The delivery never arrives.)

— Some ‘free vacations’ subject you to enter into a timeshare agreement. These offers often promise a high-end vacation, but here’s the catch: they reserve the right to change this location subject to availability.

7 tips to protect yourself

1. Use common sense: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Do not pay any fees associated with a prize. A legitimate prize is free. Also, keep in mind that if you did not enter a contest or promotion, you can’t win!

3. Never send money or give credit card information to an organization you aren’t familiar with.

4. Do your research before proceeding with any offer. Verify that the company is actually registered with their provincial organization or has a legitimate affiliation.

5. Check with the Better Business Bureau to determine if there have been complaints made against the company.

6. Be wary of overly aggressive or urgent sales tactics.

7. Get all information in writing, including cancellation and refund policies. If you are thinking of going ahead with an offer, first consult with a travel professional.

The Travel Club Picks Up Steam!! by travelclubtruth

The infamous beginning and this is certainly a streamlined version. I could keep you reading for hours really…..but we all have things to do. Send this blog to everyone you know. It’s how we put an end to travel clubs and learn how to get the same deals without BIG UPFRONT FEES!!

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Nothing Has Changed….

Same Old!!Same crap but just in case we are a little foggy on the details here they are again….so check this post if it disappears no problem I have a copy:      

NOTE…The posting is gone now but the contact was Remo….                      They are hiring more reps who have no Idea they are pitching a product that doesn’t deliver because the owners are scumbags that don’t care. The funniest part is the contact is Remo who was the person who was a “co-owner of BonaVista Travel and Cruise as he put it they were only a supplier:                                                                                                                                          

Yet he appears as a director of Wild Rose Vacations on their BBB file: they have been bought out by “Members”and yet those new owners haven’t done a thing to change their image and they have kept “exisitng” management  who have all been a part of Family Passport, Lifestyle Leisure Services, Snowbird Vacations, Family Vacation Centers, Wild Rose Vacations, Bona Vista Travel and Cruise and now they are Real Canadian Travel Store/ Advantage BonaVista Travel and Cruise….same crap on a new day!!

Houseboat Timeshare 1994..Or So..

This is loosely based on actual events….I say loosely because what actually transpired is far more detailed….but that’s how 2/3’s of the three stooges worked then and still do today!! Timeshare both resorts or houseboats and of course travel clubs just a new spin to take money for their gain and deliver nothing in return. They laugh at the government all the way to the bank!!

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Telemarketing Out of Same Office on Third Travel Club Name

Should They Profit From It....Nope!!

The above is the posting so typical. Same town(Windsor), same office use to be Family Vacation Centers, then it was Wild Rose Vacations, now it’s Real Canadian Travel Store they are booking appointments(telemarketing) that call you to come get  your GIFT AND DINNER. Let me guess one big coincidence huh!! What a joke as a government Alberta should be ashamed of themselves and Ontario…..there is Nemo the Master Manipulator working the system and nobody does anything about it.

Until now anyhow….stay tuned for the next comic installment of THE TRAVEL CLUB STORY!!

Nobody wants to stand up and tell it like it is then this blog will.


The Travel/Timeshare Club Story!! by travelclubtruth

An enlightening read about the Travel Club Master in Canada from the beginning and the people he hurt along the way!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


This will be updated every couple of days with a new comic strip to see and read…enjoy tell you friends and above all remember the message. The majority of travel clubs do this to the public and hide behind weak government regulations. It does not matter where you live it happens read the whole blog the information is here to protect you.

The free travel site links you will find here are just that FREE. I don’t wan’t or need a dime from you!!